Exclusive shoes by Yarose Shulzhenko and its history started long before Yaroslav was born. In the middle of 20th century there was a shoemaker called Afanasiy who was producing hand-made shoes on his own using a few wooden forms and Singer sewing machine. Yaroslav’s grandfather couldn’t even imagine that half a century later his grandchildren will follow his steps and create a unique company that will produce high-quality contemporary shoes based on old-times techniques and traditional hand-made way of shoe-making.

Yaroslav always felt special feelings towards footwear, when he was a kid he was drawing shoes all over his text-books and his room was full of posters with female legs and shoes, he was collecting them and it was the reflection of his inner attraction to shoe-making activities of his ancestors.

As we all know the most desirable dreams come true. That is what happened to Yarose Shulzhenko who is now one of the most well-known and successful designers of shoes- bright, outstanding, extremely beautiful and unbelievably convenient and high-quality. Shoes by Yarose Shulzhenko cannot be ignored or unnoticed- those who cannot afford them hate them but most people adore and cherish his shoes that many people consider A piece of Art rather than A pair of Shoes.

Yaroslav’s business activity started in his late 20th when he was studying design in Italy. Together with his beloved wife Julia he started professional career of a great Shoe-maker and Designer, and his talent and persistence brought him great success very quick.

Now his shoes, leather and fur garments are extremely popular not only in Ukraine and Russia, but in Europe and USA as well. Until 2013 we could only buy these astonishing shoes in his shops in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Novosibirsk and Monte-Carlo, but now he opened online boutique and people all over the world can experience the luxury of wearing YS shoes. Most shoes by Yarose Shulzhenko are bright high-heeled creations that you will not forget once you have seen them. But even with high-heels his shoes are known for its convenience and stability, and this is probably the main reason why more and more people fall in love with them every day…


«My company is made of professionals and talented people in shoe business. Our customers are the people for whom shoes are not only for wearing but for expressing themselves and their luxury status».

Yarose Shulzhenko

Yarose shulzhenko

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