Women’s sports shoes may be not just comfortable but also became an indispensable part of fresh and stylishlook.

That is quite easy to follow the latest fashion trends with sneakers made by Yarose Shulzhenko as we offeronly high quality products devised in accordance with the most popular women’s preferences. In the online shop, a wide selection of unique shoes models is presented. We not only understand what a woman needs,but also make her dreams come true.


The designer Yaroslav Shulzhenko pays special attention to practicality and convenience. His shoes are knownfor incomparable beauty, bold decisions and extravagance. Each model is made manually so all the detailsare perfectly shaped. A wide range of sports shoes for women are manufactured from the high qualitymaterials:

  • Genuine python skin
  • Natural leather
  • Leather and python combination
  • Python and suede combination

The customer can find a variety of exemplars matching not only the clothes of sports style, but also casualclothes. Women’s nature supposes the desire for inimitable beauty. Yarose Shulzhenko makes an offer of theunique service of manufacturing any custom-made model. It allows you to choose all external parameters, materials, accessories for decoration (rivets, pins, inserts of another material), the exact size and othercharacteristics.

Sneakers presented in the online shop are made solely by hand. This technique considerably improves thequality of the shoes and eliminates the possibility of the manufacturing defects. The entire process fromdrawing up a sketch to product tailoring is controlled and accomplished by an expert at his trade who really understands the needs of women.


Generally, it is possible to buy shoes in any store. The shelves are loaded with the regular exemplars andpatterns supposedly decorated according to the latest trends. However, such a pair of shoes would hardlybring you the individuality and uniqueness. Still, in our shop each woman can find her exclusive sneakers:just try on a pair of them and you will fall in love with this brand.

We offer our customers to buy sneakers on quite favourable terms:

  1. Payment simplicity: use bank cards or make money transfer through any bank.
  2. The orders are delivered by the reliable courier service.
  3. Individual size fitting. Complete data is sent to the e-mail address indicated by the buyer.
  4. An opportunity to make an exchange or return the shoes. In case of return, the client loses only theamount spent on the delivery service. On the other hand, in case of exchange, all expenses are covered bythe online store.

Our managers are always ready to explain and provide detailed information on any questions or matters.They can specify the manufacture periods, availability of the ready-made model, payment options and soforth. They can take an order for custom-made shoes of any complexity and help to make a decision on thetype of model, material and ornamentation.

Yarose Shulzhenko’s brand has become a cult of beauty for women. We always translate even the mostincredible ideas into reality as it can make a fair half of humanity happier. Beautiful shoes can becomfortable, unique and extravagant. Every day we do our best to honor our customer’s requests and make asignificant contribution to the beauty industry. We know women deserve the best!


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