Terms of use

All purchases made through our YAROSE SHULZHENKO website are subject to the sales general terms and conditions included in this document (hereinafter, “Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions herein included regulate the contractual relationships between this website’s customers or users and YAROSE SHULZHENKO company.

These are the only Terms and Conditions that will be validly applied between YAROSE SHULZHENKO and its customers, and shall substitute any pre-existing terms not included in this document. YAROSE SHULZHENKO is entitled to modify and update periodically any of the provision included in these Terms and Conditions, therefore we advise you to read them carefully when entering the Web-site www.yarose.it  Any modification or update of these Terms and Conditions shall be in force and have full effects once these have been published.

The orders you place on this website will be regulated by the terms and conditions in force at the time of purchase. When you validate your order, you shall be requested to accept our Terms and Conditions as well as our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, by clicking in the legend “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions”. This means that you have read and accept our Terms and Conditions, our policy of Data Protection and Privacy Policy and confirm that you are over 18 years old.

In case of total or partial disagreement with these Terms and Conditions and/or our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, you shall not be able to purchase products through this Web-site.

Placing orders/Purchasing on Yarose Shulzhenko site

Our clients will be able to purchase YAROSE SHULZHENKO products through the following website: www.yarose.it also www.shulzhenko.com

You must be over 18 years old (or being duly authorized by your parents or guardian if you are under such age) to place an order through our Web site (in countries where age limit is above 18, local law will be enforced) and you shall accept these Terms and Conditions, by clicking in the appropriate place.

Clients who wish to purchase products through our YAROSE SHULZHENKO web site must:

  A) Registering as User in the Web-site by providing with your personal details and E-mail to YAROSE SHULZHENKO and choosing an user name and a password to create your user account.

When you create your user account through YAROSE SHULZHENKO site, the client might authorise YAROSE SHULZHENKO to send him/her Operative and Promotional E-mails, by clicking in the appropriate places, according to the following definitions:

“Operative E-mails”: Include details of your User Account’s activity and your Purchases.

“Promotional E-mails”: Include information about products, new offers and promotions and any further commercial information about YAROSE SHULZHENKO.

The client might choose at any time not to receive any further Promotional E-mails, by clicking the link appearing at the end of such E-mails and/or sending an E-mail to sales@yarose.it, expressly stating that he/she wishes not to receive any further Promotional E-mails from YAROSE SHULZHENKO.

 B) Select and customize their choice of product, by clicking the fetures availables, choosing those elements, materials and/or characteristics they wish to add to their final design.

The site will inform you of the product’s price as you select these elements, materials and/or characteristics, by separately identifying the different items included in the Final Price in order to provide you with all the necessary information before validating your order. Notwithstanding above, YAROSE SHULZHENKO expressly warns their customers that certain materials and/or elements might have an extra-cost, which shall be clearly indicated in our site. In addition, the amount of the shipping costs and applicable indirect taxes (e.g. VAT), customs duties and other surcharges will depend on the country of delivery, which will be clearly indicated in the site.

 C) Once you are satisfied with the result of the design of your product, you must add it to your cart

 D) To validate your order you must:

When you have finished the choice of the products that you wish to purchase, click in “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Fill in the form with the shipment details, indicating where you wish to receive the product.

No need to choose a payment method – after your order is placed our manager will contact you and help to find best payment method.

We advise you to revise your order and check that all of your chosen elements are included in your final design. 

When you have finished with all options, click in “Place Order” button.

 E) Confirm your purchase:
You will receive an email confirming your purchase and providing you with an purchase ID number, once your order is formalized.

After confirming the order, you will receive an additional email from our manager where we recheck all the details such as payments and delivery.

YAROSE SHULZHENKO may verify the information you provided in case of suspected fraud or that the person who submitted the request does not meet the required age for it.


All the prices of the products included in YAROSE SHULZHENKO Web-site are shown in USA Dollars (USD) and include VAT (or the applicable and equivalent indirect tax) at the tax rate applicable at the moment.

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  is entitled to periodically update the prices of the products, which shall be duly published in its site. These updates shall not affect to the current prices, which were in force when the order was confirmed.

Form of Payment

After all the confirmation we will provide you with secured online payment link. You can pay online with your VISA or MasterCard. In need we try other payments methods

We require the following information in order to successfully fulfill the payment with the use of a credit or debit card: full card number, cardholder name (as displayed on the card), expiration date and CVC code ( 3 digits found on the back of the card, except for American Express cards which have 4 digits and is found in front). We remind you this information is strictly confidential and will exclusively be used to complete the transaction. YAROSE SHULZHENKO  cannot be held liable nor guarantees full security regarding payment information as well as for direct or indirect damages caused by the usage of electronic means of communication like faults or delays in communication, holdup or third party manipulation. /// be responsible for any damages, consequential losses (whether direct or indirect) suffered by a customer whose credit card is fraudulently used or is used in an unauthorized manner as a result of using this Website

The purchase Price of your order will be charged to your credit or debit card at the time of purchase.


Yarose Shulzhenko provides you with free delivery worldwide. Delivering takes from 5 up to 14 working days. We use your country’s National Post. After the shipping we email you track number so you can check delivering process online on your National Post website

Orders will be delivered during week days at the address provided by the customer. Deliveries will only be made to private homes or offices located in any of the countries YAROSE SHULZHENKO  operates in. Post office boxes will not be accepted as a valid delivery address.

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  only delivers customised products upon orders, therefore we need a reasonable amount of time to manufacture your product and deliver it in the indicated delivery address once it has undergone the pertinent quality review process.

Estimated manufacturing time

On each product page indicates the estimated manufacturing time of the model. The estimated time is indicative and does not determine a specific date of delivery. Usual production time takes – 6-14 work days.

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  is not responsible for possible delays on your order delivery. However YAROSE SHULZHENKO  commits to deliver your order in a period not exceeding 1 months.

Custom-made models, special orders, orders made on determined moments with more volume, or by extraneous circumstances may prolong the estimated manufacturing time. YAROSE SHULZHENKO  always will provide the status of your order and information in case of delay.

Product Verification 

When you receive your order you must check the condition of its packaging at the time of delivery. If you receive a faulty product, please turn down the delivery and indicate to the carrier the reason why you have chosen to not accept the delivery due to this specific reason.

If you do not turn down the delivery within a 10 day period, we assume your order is in perfect condition and you have accepted it as such.


Product Guarantees

Shoe repair and replacement/remake shall be free of charge for the customer. This guarantee will include all costs that will cover the lack of compliance of the products based on the contract, especially delivery charges, along with labour cost and materials.

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  products are subject to a very strict quality control, after their manufacture. However, should the client noticed any eventual quality fault YAROSE SHULZHENKO  commits to repair it or replace the product by another similar one within the shortest possible period of time.

Colors may vary upon the characteristics and configuration of the user’s screen from which one has access to the YAROSE SHULZHENKO  site. It is important for you to note that within a certain range, color variations cannot be considered a manufacturing defect, even including the type of material utilized for the design. These small variations or perceptions do not entail a breach of conformity regarding our products.

Items made from python leather may look a little different due painted by hand. We always try to match the color as shown. But please be aware of possible difference in color shades

A misuse or inappropriate use of the product, the deterioration and tear of model by use does not are subject under the product warranty coverage.

Made to measure models

The custom-made products are models that allow adaptation measures provided by the customer.

The model is manufactured taking into account the customer’s measurements.

This adaptation is subject to the own design of model and in case that a specific measure can’t be made, on the reason that the model does not allow it,  will be not considerate fault or factory defect.

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  is not responsible for a bad taking measurements by the customer, error in measurements or when they are provide to us.

If for some reason the measures submitted at the time of purchase by customer does not correspond to the final model, after checking in our facilities, we will resend the model to the factory for their adjustment

If the customer sends a wrong measures or wants an extra adjustment is possible to resend the model to factory for remake the needed adjustments – This process could have an extra cost.

Order Cancellation

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  allows you to modify any elements of shoes’s design and/or cancel your order within 10 days later of making your purchase. Beyond this deadline, the customer will no longer be able to modify the shoe’s design or to cancel the order according to the below-mentioned Return Policy of an Order.

If you wish to cancel your order; send us an email to sales@yarose.it informing us of which order you want to cancel and YAROSE SHULZHENKO will immediately interrupt the manufacturing process of such product. We will refund your payment within the next fifteen (15) working days following your cancellation, by the same payment method used for the payment.

Once the client has received the product, it shall be understood that the product was manufactured in accordance with the order, and therefore, the service rendering shall be over. In the event that the client wishes to make any further change in a finished product’s design, he/she shall cover any additional costs arisen from this modification, as it shall be considered as a new different product.

 Returns Policy of an Order

YAROSE SHULZHENKO  products are not subject to right of withdrawal given that products are manufactured in accordance to specifications provided by the customer or are clearly customizable.

If once you received your order you aren’t satisfied with the final result, please write us and tell us at sales@yarose.it , we will try to help you. The product must be returned in perfect condition, unworn, in its entirety (boxes, accessories, covers, labels, booklets, etc.) and in its original packaging, accompanied by a copy of the receipt. We recommend you take all necessary precautions to ensure its protection. Any damaged, used, incomplete or soiled product will not be eligible for a refund.

Returns process for modify or repair

If you wish to return your order for modify or repair please contact us at sales@yarose.it , indicating your name, order number which will appear on your delivery receipt, along with a brief description of why you wish to return your product.

Returns Policy Limitations:

The gift cards are not refunded

Some items from Special Price category can not be refunded

Items with individual design (color, design, heel high, height of item and individual changes) which are not provided in the options on the website can not be refunded

If you wish to contact us or have any doubts regarding our service please contact us at sales@yarose.it .

Validity of the Offer

The displayed prices and terms shown at YAROSE SHULZHENKO  Web-site are valid at the moment of purchase and shall be applicable to the purchased products. The delivery deadline is clearly specified when confirming your order, as well as via email once your purchase is finalized.


In case there are any typos YAROSE SHULZHENKO  may be unaware of, we will proceed to correct them, and if by any chance this typo has mislead a client into purchasing a product based on an incorrect Price, we provide the possibility to rescind the contact with no cost.

For any further consult or claim please contact sales@yarose.it